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Johannes Cullmann is Scientific Advisor to the President of the UN General Assembly and coordinates sustainable development related issues in the Office of the President, and the vice-chair of UN water. He is on loan from the World Meteorological Organization, where he has served eight years as lead for water and climate activities.

Johannes moved to Geneva from the German Federal Institute of Hydrology, where he served as director responsible for strategy, science and partnerships. Prior to this, Johannes coordinated the German Transportation Ministry’s international water affairs and directed the German committee for the water programmes of UNESCO and WMO. He was Senior Advisor to WMO’s water activities and President of UNESCO`s Intergovernmental Council on water from 2012 to 2014. In his function as a department head in the German Federal Institute for Hydrology, he was the German representative to the Commission for the Hydrology of the Rhine River and co-organised the first climate change impact analysis for the Rhine River.